Welcome to the BA(Hons) Digital Media Production showcase from Plymouth College of Art. This graduate showcase covers the final productions from all of the final year students who have produced new work during the Covid-19 lockdowns in the UK. As with many creative digital industries around the world, our students have had to continue making work under new and unusual circumstances, but they have persevered and they have succeeded. 

The name "dmp-kintsugi" is a reference to the Japanese ceramic tradition of repairing broken items using gold or precious metals, to celebrate and to highlight the story of the piece. When we were developing this graduate showcase, we worked through various ideas of how to highlight and celebrate our own successes throughout this difficult year. As you look through this work, you are urged to recognise the development of these adaptations in the face of 2020, as well as the original intentions of the creators and artists from the Digital Media Production cohort. 

Digital Media Production is a degree course that highlights the importance of adaptability, resilience and independent idea generation alongside professional practice and industry awareness. There is no one route through the course and as the work in this showcase suggests, the students who have completed are interested in a wide variety of techniques, processes, ideologies and futures. From conceptual artists to digital filmmakers, animators and games designers, to creative campaigners and documentarians, the work is as varied as the interests of the students making it. 

We hope that you enjoy this showcase and we encourage you to get in touch with us and the graduates for more information. 

Yours sincerely, 

Chris Bailey

(Senior Lecturer for BA (Hons) Digital Media Production)

Chris Bailey - Senior Lecturer Digital Media Production