Kyle Blaik

 Kyle is a video /image editor, creative and producer and currently exploring scripting from Plymouth. who love to experiment in artist and abstract work. Through all sorts of mediums and themes to find new and or creative pieces through-provoking work, that makes you think or laugh through satire, memes and any of the ongoing mediums he is currently exploring.


The Outsider

Is a short silent film with a unique style made by kyle Blaik that shows a world devoid of life and purpose. with his only time to practice his art with little to no time (writing and bass guitar)  before he starts work. The endless cycle repeats again and again what appears to be nothing more than a prison holding him back.  

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some previous work 


Swift is a company that allowed me and others at PCA to mix and match old footage to used by us and made into short films. accompanied by a theme such as horror as with mine with a few hints of comedy. With the sounds of the planets and accompanied by the chilling visuals.