Leon Boulbin


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Leon Boulbin is a multifaceted media producer from Cornwall with a focus in post-production, visual effects, 3D modelling & animation. He finds the philosophical and cultural thematics within media particularly fascinating and enjoys bringing these aspects to his own work.

My Artist Statement

Leon has found his interests lie strongly within the computer-based creation of media, such as; 3D modelling, animation, visual effects and post-production as well as web design and coding. Leon found these creative interests during his final year of University and has since been captivated in growing and experimenting with these skills. As well as this, Leon has also developed an interest in philosophy and theology and the impact that these have within media and he hopes that he can use this within his own work to make the audience of his works reflect and contemplate as others have made him.

The European Theocratic Confederation

Congratulations, Secularite! You have received an invitation to join the worlds most secretive and powerful nation.

"The European Theocratic Confederation invites you to undertake the selection process required to become a citizen of this most prosperous domain"

What lies behind the clouds of Safe Zone 3:18, what will you discover about this illusive world superpower and ultimately, will you decide to join?


If you choose to discover the

European Theocratic Confederation

then click the link below to download the file.

This is available for Mac and PC