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My name is Patryk Swiatczak and I am an artist actively practising filmmaking and photography craft. I have a variety of different skills such as Creative writing, Directing, Performing, editing. I like to express my ideas and convey their context through aesthetically pleasing,  meaningful images. My creative process always allows me to challenge myself on each project because I am never afraid of darkness and I love to learn new things. I like to let my imagination do the work because I love to chase the impossible. I desire to tell stories which inspire everyone equally, anywhere in the world. Like every artist, I have my own, unique vision. The desire for high quality and meaningful work always drives me to a bigger picture. Hard work and dedication define me as a professional. 

I am currently working on my first future sixty minutes long film called ''Roman'' which is in the post-production process. The premiere is planned for November 2020. I am also in the process of writing another two films which I am going to pitch to Netflix along with short, audiovisual proof of concept.

Latest project

The Story

Left alone in Paradise City, Roman Nikolai is looking for his brother Siergiej, who has been kidnapped by a local mafia for a gambling debt. With his brother being used as leverage, Roman is forced into doing some dirty work. Everything changes when Roman goes against the mafia and puts a stop to the manipulation

Genre: Fiction/Noir, Thriller

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