Thomas Cass

Media Artist


I’m a media artist creating distorted or satirical visions of worlds we live in and hurtling towards, to inspire new perspectives about class, propaganda, and climate rapture. An ambitious organiser, I've mobilised long term musical and social media projects even pushed events further by live streaming them across the globe.


my industry experience

I have worked on an array of live briefs and exhibitions

For the Illuminate festival in 2018 I created “LSD Warp” projection-mapped video art installation displayed on a clocktower, “Vision + Space” and “Re-Public” exhibitions for which I produced a virtual reality experience and projection-mapped installation respectively. I have also been involved with numerous short films for clients

I was underwater cinematographer for “The Storm” a short film for the Mayflower 400,

edited “Bad Dog” a short film for Thespis Project, Produced archive films SWFTA of the Box and a TV pilot for the “Jack and his Brother” youtube channel.

my time at PCA

The most important lessons I have learned at PCA are to not be afraid of making bold statements with my work even when working for a client, to learn and think critically about the context with my work will enter into be it thematically or technically before I put it there and the importance of learning new technical skills to add to my toolbox as each allows me to either solve an unexpected problem or help convey my ideas better.